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Latest Project

Changing weather conditions don't allow sport activities thought the all the year, that is why many of investors ask to cover their sports areas. Air dome is perfect solution to keep sports facilities active regardless of outside weather.

DUOL air domes offer the advantage of quick erection and the possibility of permanent or seasonal use, as the air dome can be quickly dismantled.

Air domes are always cost effective! This is possible due the fact that air supported structures do not require concrete, steel or wooden supporting construction. Air is only supporting system provide the amount of clear span space needed for. The short investment cycle involved and air dome long durability ensure high profitability. The special design of DUOL domes gives consumers the same level of comfort they are used to with traditional sports buildings.

Benefits of DUOL air supported structure:


    - Complete weather protection of the venue

    - Easy installation

    - Fast Assembling

    - Quick dismantling

    - Easy relocation

    - Big clear span

    - Price performance value of the dome

    - Long life expectancy



Latest membrane technology, DUOL’s certified quality in all phases of production and official tested insulation properties guarantee maintenance-free operation. All DUOL membranes are fire retardant and coated with special self-cleaning film to preserve perfect whiteness and significantly extend air dome lifespan.

Why to choose Duol

During last 20 years Duol has covered over 1100 sport courts and as a clear market leader with prestigious references enjoys the confidence of customers all over the Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle Asia, Balkans and Arabic world.


Indoor football stadium

Handball dome, municipal sport arena

Worldwide best insulation,U = 0,93W/m2K

Air dome stadium

handball air dome

Best insulated air supported structure

Ice rink arena

Multisport dome  Seasonal covered swimming pool

Ice rink dome

Multisport dome

swimming pool air dome

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Project support

Duol has its own project department, which provides you with all necesary documents:
-plan of foundation,
-all manuals,
- tecnical characteristics,
- certificates and
- calculations ...
all documents sealed by a professional engineers for the owner’s use in obtaining all necessary documents.


After sale support

After you purchase Duol air dome you relay to most experienced group of professionals in the world. For all of our customers, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DUOL is the leader in air supported structures because of our large technological advantages resulting from 20 years experiences and high investment in R&D. Every DUOL air supported structure incorporates the latest innovations in design, membrane system, air management, lightening system and electrical systems to provide the ultimate in efficiency, safety and comfort for our clients.

One of DUOL most important innovation in year 2011 is new insulation system – SpaceDomeTM. SpaceDomeTM is made ​​using the aerospace materials which technology experts consider to be best insulation material ever invented. SpaceDomeTM  allows five times better thermal performance in comparison to standard double membrane system. With this DUOL's achievement air dome heating and cooling dome costs can be reduced to the level of a conventional building, which is outstanding achievement.



At DUOL, we strive to reach the highest level of quality in our business and we aim to make sure that your decision in choosing an air dome would be easier as possible.


WeCare is a concept specially developed with our clients in mind. Quite simply, our goal is to make to more transparent to choose correct solution of air supported structure – even if you will not buy it from DUOL.

Responsibility beyond the doors of DUOL Company – the WeCare concept is also caring about what goes on beyond our company doors. We invest a lot of time and resources in developing new technical innovation, as well as finding future green oriented, client-friendly solutions for all levels of our operations. 

WeCare is our promise to you, that you will get from us best product, designed to your need exclusively

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